Trhmp 101 The Way to Success Donald J. Trump  • - 1	mm	l	l	■	I	ami	® with Meredith Mclver TRUMP 101: THE WAY TO SUCCESS You k Gl i 1 * Your Best Advisor A Very Special Week (Plus) in My Life . . .  Tuesday ft* JO k vi. Paula Sh Miss Universe, arrives for a meeting about the new Mss Unwrse Guide to Beauty book launch that will bo held in Irump Tower in April. We a so discuss the Miss Universe Pageant to be held h  I os AngeK California, n July and the M IJSA__  Pftgeant that will be in EEaltimure, Maryland, in April.  The pageants have done extremely well., and the book should be a winner too. PauLa has done a terrific iob-  fliJO k.'iL Andy Weiss comes in to talk about the Chicago_  buyout for roofing._  I ask Andi Rowntree, an exgr\Jtjvp assistant if she vvould be ifltereMed in slaying in Los Angeles for the next season's Apyrenticc shoots in Los Angeles. She thinks it will be a good experience and she agrees to stay there for a couple of months.__ 10;00 \JiL I have a meeting with Michael Sexton, president of  Trump University, to go over some details. I've_  always been interested in education and making it  0	accessible	»s	a great way to go. I ask Meredith_  Mclver to join us to go over the schedule of essays we're preparing for a book.____  ° i(h4$ km. Regis Phi-bio calls to remind me that he thinks Regis would be a great name if we have a baby boy. Regis can always be counted or tm /.rear ideas. ____  11.00 kj»l I ca 1 Terry Lundgren about the upcoming weekend because hell be one of my guests at Mar-a-Lago.  Don Jr. and Ivan lea rome in with some possible o	^	•"	drs £Q of tower In Dubai_ My kids May on top oc things and have given me reason to trust their opinions and instincts about the business. By the way, my son Eric will Ix* graduating  0	from Georgetown in May. All my kids are hard_  workerSj and I'm very proud of them._  11:50 a-m. I call Melama to see how she*s doing. Even with a 0	bahy due sqqn,_she keeps a busy schedule and is still  .is in-.!■.Iiii.1 .1. i-. rt. She will he a wonderful moth* r  11:45 jlm. Kim Mogull comes in tor a meetirig about Megu, a restaurant to onen in Trump World Tower in April. This will be a fantastic location for an equally fantastic restaurant._  1 12:30 r.M, I call the Trump Gfill in Trump Tower and ask Chris Devine, the executive chef, fur something good tQ eat. He knows I'm tryirg to be healthy, hut since we7re not far from St. Patricks Day, he sends up some cor ith: hent im:, abbage, which tastes great.. 12.45 p.m. I take a call from Robert Kiyosaki, author of Hich Dad Poor Dad which has once again become the number one best seller on the New York Times list. We are working on a hook fngflhrr. so ’le's visited  my off ces a few times, plus we see each other_  r^J-nly al turning Annex events. Robglj aw.: h s beautiful wife Kim are very successful people, and  they are also very happy people._  j call Sharon Lechter, Robert Kiyosaki s partner and coauthor, to see how the folks are doing over at Time  Warner because she deals with them on occasion. Time Warner publishec TrumpNdtion, a ridiculous  book full of untruths, so 1 decided to sue for_  $5 billion,	_  1:30 p.m. I have a meeting with Sonia Talesnik, assistant  general counsel, about some events at Trump World  Tower aiHl.ihe upromma meeting yyiLh Lhe.Qgyy:_  Trump World lower board members, © 46 TRUMP 101; THE WAY TO SI CCFSS 47 Your Gi- i Is Yol k Best Advisor 2:00 fjm. Paula White, also known a» Pastor Paula, stops by far a visit Paula has had Incredible success and she  remains as genuine as ever_  1 talk to Raru Williams, a broker who has been with me for years,, and then to Susan lames, the on-site broker for Trumjj Inter national I kit, el lV lower since it opened. Both of these women have done a tremendous job and dealing with them js_al ways enjoyable. \ think their clients are lucky people,  2:30p.m. Norma Foerderer calls to tell me that she's read Abe r» . I • m ik mar use ri pi called Ten Ve,KS Worki ;j  with Donald Trump and that W$ well done. It_  inc ludes stories of some of the great projects that we worked on, and I look forward to reading it.  Mv makeup artist Sharon Sinclair ardves'fcy The Apprentice shoot. Sharon has been with me for a tew years now, anil it’s always nice to see her. I decide I should go upstairs and change my shirt for today's shoot. __  4:00 p.m. The crowds were pretty big downstairs, but everyone was welT behaved so the shoot went well. Itrs one of those perfect sprrnfl days today so there S a lot of foot traffic on Fifth Avenue. It's hard to imagine that three yew aga Jhf. A/y»mnr/cc was just an idea,, not arealjty, Many thim: ! hanfeds  the crowds that appear. It makes me realize the power of the media. I was famous before, but not like this.  I have read some of the mail for today. Om etter • > Irr.rii my kindeTgar>;-_n teai I’mm, a ki-vl worr.-n named Hildegard Stoeltzina. She ment>i>ned that she  remembers me because I never stopped asking_  : her queMiuns I Jim idcd to write her hack, telling that some things never change. I still ask Questions, but it has served me well. I also wanted to thank her,. belatedly, for her patience. The 1 e way a letter from the mother oi a young man n.i-nH I.iiiv' xvi, s_:.n.Junni -.:i,h^ijiy. blv told me how her son told her not to be sad because he knew that people often have a down before they have an up. She asked him where he learned that, and he said "Donald Trump. He has been down several times, and he always comes back up. Mr Irui'iij • 1 • hack up row, and hg helps many people do t>»e sanR* thing." That made me feel great, sci I dccided to send the young man some gifts and a note with a hope that he will get better soon._  1 call Melania to see what she d like to do tor dinner.  We decide well order in.__  I take a rail from Jim Dowd, who now has his own agency, a bunt some upcoming events, including a  llairCuttcry recording, because Jim’s ,:^eiKj£_  promotes The .Apprcnticc,_  c	Don Jr. comes in to go over some derails with me.  W'e both tend <0 be meticulous about details, which is a gofjd thing considering the business weJre In.  0 5 15 p.m. Nathan Nelson, vice president, comes in to go over some insurance issues. Nathan is thomi.^h, which is always appreciated. I have a meeting with Michelle Loke\r. staff attorney, to discuss some contracts. Michelle appeared on The Afjprentice a couple of seasons ago and has done a great	_ O 5:4.5 ivu- Andy citinsky. protect manager, stops by to give me an update. You might remember Andy irom The Apprentice //—he was the	Klatc	and  the deh.ite rhamp from Harvard On the show, he 0	w*,s	"	i"1 reality^ I hired him I laiem he"d bg jg  Sood fit for the Tmmp	.±QiJ | y^>  6:Ui> p.m. Rhona comes In tP go over some speech dates and contrac ts. At b:i0, I take the rest of the mail and go home.  ■ 4:30 p.m.