The Trump Organization: Next In Line

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“It seems the torch has already been passed to the next generation,” Kim Mogull, CEO of Mogull Realty, who does regular business with the Trump Organization, told The Real Deal in an email. “The transition is natural and smooth,” she added.”

Donald Jr.: The commercial dealmaker

As the oldest of Trump’s children and technically the most experienced, Donald Jr., 38, would seem the most obvious candidate to succeed him as president. While Ivanka has lately garnered press as Trump’s closest adviser, Donald Jr. has nonetheless carved out a reputation as the company’s commercial dealmaker. He heads up leasing at buildings like 40 Wall Street and Trump Tower, as well as spearheads international deals and works on hotels.

And Mogull said that while she previously worked with Donald Sr. directly in leasing deals, it’s recently been Donald Jr. managing them.

Mogull called him “formidable, fair and genuine” and said he’s quick witted. She recalled one call led by “Donny Jr.” with opposing principals and attorneys on the line. “He orchestrated the resolution of over a dozen very tough, outstanding issues in under an hour and not one person lost their temper — impressive in this industry,” she said.

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