The Top Seven Retail Brokerage Firms in New York

Mogull Realty  Newcomer Mogull Realty is barely a year old, but quickly established itself in the New York leasing market, becoming a force not to be ignored. The company, founded by Kim Mogull, who also serves as its president, has already amassed a bevy of A-list clients, including the Trump Organization. It claims more than 200,000 square feet of retail exclusives, and says it has already closed deals worth $100 million.  Mogull, a driven, ambitious and sunny character in her thirties, is no stranger to real estate. The New Jersey native was literally born into the industry, riding in the back of her mother’s car as a six-year-old with her two older brothers, as her mother, a struggling real estate broker, had the kids write down the available properties. Mogull’s first job in real estate came 17 years ago at Coldwell Banker Real Estate Services in Manhattan.  The firm has lately been most active in the meatpacking district, where it has done about 10 high-value deals totaling approximately 40,000 square feet. It represents the Hotel Gansevoort plus an entire block of retail space along Washington Street.  Besides the Trump Organization, the firm’s most important clients include the clothing company Scoop Apparel, the developers Jack Parker Corporation, Sherwood Equities and Urban Investments.  Mogull’s operation is small and nimble, with only seven employees, with plans for only a minor expansion. She says there are no hierarchies or titles in the organization, where the central goal is to serve demanding clients like Donald “You’re Fired” Trump “fast and with integrity.”  “We love Kim and think she does a great job,” Trump said earlier this year.