Gamble paying off for forward thinking Mogull

Gamble paying off for forward thinking Mogull: Kim Mogull, president & CEO, Mogull Realty.  Growing up in suburban New Jersey, Kim Mogull never stepped foot in New York City until after she graduated from Northwestern University. From there, she challenged herself to 'make it' in one of the world's most competitive markets.  And by all accounts--meaning the 235,700 s/f of retail her company brokered over the past 12 months--she has undoubtedly made it in the Big Apple.  "Mogull Realty has been representing The Gansevoort Hotel in the Meatpacking District since its inception. Since then, we've worked on two more projects for the same developer. We're almost fully leased up in South Beach to tenants such as David Barton Gym, Culter Salon and Big Drop Apparel. I'm particularly proud and excited about our most recent transaction with The Gansevoort," said Mogull, president and CEO of Mogull Realty.  "After years of touring the Manhattan market with famed South Beach restaurateur Myles Chefetz, of Prime 112 Steakhouse, we pre-leased 12,000 s/f of retail space at the base of the newest Gansevoort Hotel."  And she was responsible for bringing M&Ms to Times Square.  As a communications major at Northwestern, Mogull mastered the art of sales. While in school, she worked as a salesperson for Encyclopedia Britannica. In college, it didn't take long for to save up for a car, a new Toyota Supra, because Mogull quickly became the top Encyclopedia Britannica salesperson in the Midwest region.  With most of her family in commercial real estate and a brother who owns a private hedge fund, some might say sales is an innate skill of the Mogull family.  "My mom was a pioneer for women in commercial real estate. Almost everyone in my family is, somehow, connected to real estate," Mogull said.  Relocating from Illinois to New York, Mogull spent eight years working at CB Commercial, where she was named 'Rookie of the Year.' From there, she spent nine years as a president for a small boutique firm. But Mogull's career really kicked into high gear when she launched her own company four years ago, with advice from one of one of the best in the biz.  Eight years ago, Mogull received a fortune cookie equipped with a Donald Trump quote: "As long as you're going to be thinking anyway, think big." The words stuck--literally; she taped the fortune across the top of her computer monitor (where it still remains today). Coincidently, Trump called her four years later, requesting to hire her for a project.  "After 17 years in the business, I'd built a loyal client base. I felt the timing was perfect for me to go out on my own. My clients were extremely supportive and the market was strong. Precisely at that time, I met Donald Trump. That was the final push. After our first meeting he said, 'Brand yourself, start your own company, make it easy for people to find you.' I formed Mogull Realty the next day," Mogull said.  Today, Mogull Realty represents clients such as JP Morgan Chase, The Trump Organization, Marx Realty, North Fork Bank, Sherwood Equities, Scoop Apparel, Catherine Malandrino, David Barton Gyms, Big Drop and Fresco. Their Manhattan-based office employs eight real estate professionals and Mogull Realty also runs a small operation in Florida.  Mogull's M.O. is finding retail space before a neighborhood hits it big, before space becomes overpriced. She sees Cooper Square as that next hotbed of activity.  At 2 Cooper Square, Mogull Realty is representing a 30,000 s/f retail space. In addition, the company has taken over Marx Realty's retail portfolio, which includes properties at the corner of 57th Street and Third Avenue, and 708 Third Avenue.  Despite the uncertainties surrounding the credit environment, Mogull sees no evidence of the retail market slowing, particularly at the high end.  "The luxury marketplace somehow seems recession-proof," Mogull said. "Luxury retail space is always the last to get affected and if it does, it's the first to come back."  At Mogull Realty, much of their business is repeat business, and she says their volume has nearly doubled each year. Outside of the workplace, Mogull is just as active.  Growing up with two older brothers, she is also a competitive athlete. In her spare time Mogull enjoys softball, tennis and poker. She quipped, "It's so relevant to have a poker face in this business."