40 Under 40 – New York’s Rising Stars

NEW YORK BUSINESS* NEW YORK’S RISING STARS KIM MOGULL  Catering to moguls of NY real estate  Kim Mogull, 39  President .mU ducf cxojutiw Mogull Realty Inc.  FUMtur.NT rUGHtl os Donald Trump'-* jet arc among the peik-i that Kim Mogull has earned jki ei cfcnm -/ftktr Nil M i Irump's portf« >I»n of Manhattan retail ipacc*. *IX>n*U v*ys, ‘It'» the only war to lly.'" »hc jokrt.  She's worked mjny nights until the «in risen to cam such benefits. Since Mr Tmmp engaged her company 16 months ago, Mv Mogull has turned the t" nncr site of the viti-tor directory in Trump "lower into i Godiva kiosk t fur's evpectcJ to generate $2 million in revenue caxi 10 )f Jirv She closed * deal for UpKik Japanese eaterv Mejju to i>|kti a inid-tu utf-a! I-;45 United Natiom I'laxa.  *She\ one of the few people I don't mind paying1 brokerage commission to, because Jk daft Mich a good job," vavs. Mr. Trump. 'She'* wry hardworking.”  For Mi. Mogull, Mr. Ttump is just one client among an excluiisx group of M-inhntun rral citaic barons with a collective $00,000 squirt Ice I of mostly retail rental space. Other customers include TVtKs Stjuarr landlord Jeffrey Kar/, Scoop clothing store founder U/i Ben-Ahraham, and the Achenhium family,  . Avner of 1 lotel G jm»<voon. In 2004, she closed 25 deal* worth more than $100 million. ‘I lerve lighting up a block," the tan.  The New Jersey n a live learned real estate in tin backujt of a station wa£on i her mother, 1 hfuktf, scoped out available litct, Mi Mnpill started her career at Coldwcll Banker after graduating from ^otthwcMern Unisersity. She launched her own retail leading company in 2003—on the advice of Mr Trump.