2010 Women in Real Estate

What single event professional or personal has most significantly impacted your career? It would be remiss of menotto acknowledge DonaldTrump for the positive impacthe has had on my career. Not only did Trump zealously encourage me to start my own firm 8 years ago, he was also my very first Mogull Realty client As his exclusive broker, I spent an enormous amount of time with Trump working on many transactions. I watched, listened and learned. He is not only one of the toughest and shrewd¬est negotiators in the world, he is also charming, funny and caring. On a personal note, he was there forme 100% during an illness, proving to m e that not only is his business acum en noteworthy but his character is as well. When you do right by Trump-he does right by you. What advice would you give to a woman just starting a career in your field? Stay focused - don’t stray from your course. For example, don’t focus on “obstacles.” They’re only there if you allow them to be. Also, don’t focus on being a woman, focus on being the best.