2008 Women of Influence

 KIM MOGULL President and CEO Mogull Realty A 21-year veteran of commercial real estate, Mo- gull founded Mogull Realty in 2003 and was in- strumental in bringing retail to the Meatpacking District and, more recently, the Bowery. Earlier this year, she was named one of the industry’s top 40 movers and shakers by the New York Post, and also contrib- uted a chapter to Donald Trump’s book The Best Real Estate Ad- vice I Ever Received. Quote: “Bank consolidation will open up retail spaces creating an increased supply for limited demand. Prior to the credit crunch, banks were the dominant takers of prime space. The new focus for banks will be to eliminate excess branches. This will create opportunities for retailers facing re- newals—and heretofore priced out of the premier spots—to trade up to these corners.”